4 Cells Battery Charger
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Battery Charger

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4 Cells Battery Charger BC-0907A

4 Cells Battery Charger

    How to use

    4 Cells Battery Charger

    Main Features

    • Charges Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery

    • 4 independent charging channels

    • Super Fast - about 60 min or less

    • Easy to read LCD display (shows charging progress, defective battery, battery refresh feature)

    • 6 Level Charge Protection • -dv cut off

    • Timer control protection(1.5h)

    • Over temperature protection(60℃)

    • Reverse polarity protection

    • Short circuit protection

    • Defective and non-rechargeable battery detection

    • Battery refresh function reduce memory effect and enable full discharge for long battery life

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    Input:DC 12 V

    Output: DC4 x (1.4V-2200mA) AA

                  DC4 x (1.4V-800mA) AAA

    Trickle Charge: AA@50mA, AAA@ 30mA

    Charging Time

    Type of battery
    Charging time

     Ni-MH AA 2700mAh

    1.5 h

     Ni-MH AA 1800mAh

    1.0 h
    Ni-MH AA 1200mAh
    40 min
    Ni-MH AA 1000mAh
    1.5 h
    Ni-MH AAA 800mAh
    1.2 h