Wall-mounted type PowerAdapter
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Wall-mounted type PowerAdapter24W series

Wall-mounted type PowerAdapter24W series
Wall-mounted type PowerAdapter

    Main Features

    High efficiency, Ultrasonic Lamination, Natural Cooling
    High reliability: Ultra Low no-load/standby power consumption, complied with DoE VI level
    Light & Compact design

    Function Parameters

    Input Voltage(Vac): 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 0.2A Max.
    Inrush Current:Less than 50A, 240Vac, 25°C
    No - load Input power :Less than 0.075W, 230Vac
    Efficiency : 86.8%, Min.
    Ripple & Noise: Less than 1%, 240Vac

    Product Application

    Dielectric strength: AC 3000V, 1 minute, 10mA Max.
    Insulation Resistance: Input to Output: ≥50MΩ, at 500Vdc
    Leakage Current: Less than 0.25mA, at 264Vac
    MTBF: Meet MIL - HDBK - 217F, over 50k hours,full load,25°C
    EMC standards: EMI: IEC/EN55022B,